How to become a GAYCLUB member?
You register for free on the website, create a profile and will be informed till 20:00 (8:00 p.m.) whether you have been accepted as a GAYCLUB member or not.

Why should I become a GAYCLUB member?
Our events are only open to GAYCLUB members. If you want to be a guest, you will only receive all information, updates and access to the ticket shop as a GAYCLUB member.

Who decides who becomes a GAYCLUB member?
A team of experienced scouts sees your profile without personal data and selects suitable guests. If your profile details convince the majority of the 7 scouts, you will receive a welcome email with your personal link to the members area.

What are the criteria for the scouts?
The scouts decide at their own discretion and in the interests of the other guests. Minimum age is 18 years, there is no upper limit. You should be physically in shape and have an above-average overall appearance, so you have a very good chance.

What do I do with a scout code?
If you received a scout code like «XX794Y« (just as an example) from one of the scouts, use it in the corresponding field when registering. This speeds up the confirmation process and may increase your chances.

Can I buy tickets at the box office?
NO. Tickets are only available before the event - as long as tickets are available - in the GAYCLUB online shop.

How do I get on the guest list?
NO, there is no guest list. Only employees and artists working in event production receive free »Angel Tickets«.

Do I get a discount on the ticket price?
There is usually a contingent of reduced "Early Bird" tickets if you book early enough. If you have received a scout code, enter it in the ticket shop in the »Voucher code« field. If it is deposited with a reduced ticket price, it will be deducted before the payment process.

Can I sell or give my ticket away?
NO. Tickets are issued in the name of the GAYCLUB member and linked to the profile. If someone else comes to check-in with your ticket, it is not valid and they cannot attend the party.

Can I cancel or rebook my ticket?
NO. If you can't come or don't want to come for any reason, your ticket will expire (like almost all tickets that can be booked).

What is the dress code?
Naked or a maximum of 25% of the body is sexy clothed. Shoes are mandatory. Wear only what is necessary so that you can check in quickly in the cloakroom.

Who can I contact with questions before the party?
Our Guest Relation Service is at your disposal: Email: Telephone / WhatsApp: +4369910306080

>>> AT THE EVENT <<<

Who can I contact during the party?
Our »EVENT CREW« members are easily recognizable by their »uniform« and are at your side for all questions or concerns.