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The limit isthe SKY

Forget the stress, hassle and frustration you may know from spontaneous, private sex parties ("groups")! It's time for a tried and tested sex party format where you can meet interesting international men and have a night of partying you won't soon forget!


GAYCLUB pre-selects the guests (GAYCLUB members) for the closed events. The strict event rules make it possible to celebrate the party in a "SafeR Space" that we all create together. You can get involved with what is happening in a relaxed and enjoyable way because you feel comfortable and safe.

A positive ATTITUDE towards sex,
observing boundaries, treating each other with respect and consensus in actions. It is the basis for a relaxed and tingling atmosphere for pure lust, pleasure and entertainment.

Our GAYCLUB members have already convinced more than 1,300 members and the number is growing every day.


1. Register for free. You will be notified within 7 days whether you have been selected as a lucky GAYCLUB member.

2. Familiarize yourself with our strict event rules and the topic "SEXpositive". By buying the ticket, all guests accept the rules and abide by them at the party.

3. As a GAYCLUB member, you have the chance to receive an invitation to participate in one of the upcoming parties. Instead of "first come - first serve" with the coveted tickets, our invitation system brings a balanced party crowd. If you get an invitation from us, take your chance! Book your ticket for a night you won't soon forget!

We look forward to you!

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Are you in?

Sign up for free now! You will be informed within 7 days whether you have been selected as a GAYCLUB member.

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