Every guest accepts these rules when buying a ticket!
Our strict house rules are a central part of the concept and are non-negotiable. During the party we all take care of compliance together. This is how we create a SafeR Space for a chilled AND mega hot party where everyone can feel comfortable and safe.

1. Tickets only grant members personal access. They can only be transferred to other members via the ticket shop.

2. Dress code "Naked/almost naked" means naked or up to 25% of the body sexy; no street shoes.

3. Strict mobile phone ban during the entire party in ALL areas of the location! > No photos/videos

4. No offering or trading of goods or services.

5. A SEXpositive behavior of all players.

6. The instructions of the event crew must be followed. An exclusion from an ongoing party and/or future GC events is possible at any time and without justification.

All guests have a POSITIVE, playful attitude towards sex and value appreciation, respect and consensus in dealing with each other.

BOUNDARIES > Always be aware of your boundaries and always respect the boundaries of others.

PLAYFUL > Keep a playful, open attitude and enjoy the moment.

VALUABLE > If you get a rejection, accept the NO without discussion. Don't give a NO more meaning than it has.

ETHICAL > Focus your mindfulness on consensus BEFORE physical closeness, touch, and sex. Consensus is the basis for mutual respect and unalloyed enjoyment.

SELF-DETERMINED > Be the author, director and leading actor of your role as a GAYCLUB member at our events. Communicate your openness with approval and your boundaries in a friendly and clear way with rejection.

We support the chemsex.at initiative. Get help if you have problems, you are not alone.

Party fun without bad side effects
> Be aware of your personal responsibility when it comes to consuming alcohol or illegal substances. So far there have been no disruptions caused by this at our events and it should remain so in the future. Be aware of your limits so that the party doesn't end earlier than planned for you.

Do you have any questions?
E-mail reception@gayclub.at / WhatsApp +4369910306080